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Have you decided that there is more to life, want to escape the rat race and the corporate world but don’t know where else to put your great business skills to use? Or you are just about to graduate and are thinking of your future career choice?  If so, then you might think of joining the 1.2-million Canadians who work with the primary purpose of building a better world.


There are over 170,000 charitable and non-profit organizations in Canada and 86,000 of these are registered charities (recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency).  It’s a uniquely diverse sector with a wide range of jobs, pay scales and perks. Just like the for-profit world, there are short-term, executive, managerial, entry-level jobs; plenty of training opportunities; and great chances for career progression.

Before you read on though, if making money is top of your priorities list then take note! Typically, non-profit jobs pay less than their for-profit counterparts but with all of the benefits of working for a non-profit, such as allowing individuals to live with purpose, execute their jobs with passion and give back to the surrounding community, many people are willing to accept a lower salary.


Here’s our top 5 Reasons why you should consider working for a non-profit organization

#1There are lots of great job opportunities.

There are over two million Canadians employed in the charitable and non-profit sector and over 13 million volunteers and the sector contributes an average of 8.1% of total Canadian GDP, more than the retail trade industry and close to the value of the mining, oil and gas extraction industry.

Whether you want to work with animals or have a burning passion for the arts or agriculture, there is a non-profit for you.

#2 You get to work with passion and engage your head.

Often a person finds that their heart is unengaged in the work processes they are responsible for and can easily become a meaningless chore outside of earning a pay check.  By working for a non-profit, you will see how your efforts positively affect people in need.  You can help veterans who have given so much for your country, you can help disabled kids in all sorts of ways from working directly with them in teaching or care to fundraising for new life changing equipment to help them. Homeless shelter workers see people sleeping in a warm bed or eating their first meal of the day, and the list of heart-warming occurrences continues… Non-profits are a great place to maximize your mental talents along with your compassion and passion.

#3 Successful non-profit businesses have high-performance cultures.

Just because a non-profit organization’s strategic objectives does not involve bottom-line targets, it does not mean they don’t strive to be the best at everything they do.  Employees of non-profits need to be “on top of their game” and forward thinking.  Knowing their competitors, innovating, and budgeting are all part of the job for a non-profit manager.

#4 Fresh talent is needed.

Recent graduates are in high demand in non-profit companies. Graduates can provide a fresh perspective for a non-profit. The business world is a competitive place and this competition spills over into the non-profit marketplace. Competition for funds from individual donors, businesses, and foundations necessitates a passion for innovation.

#5 You can do something worthwhile.

Even if you find that non-profit staff or board work is not for you, you can look back and say without hesitation that you devoted your time and energy to something that really and truly mattered. A life without this is simply not a life well led.


If you have read this article and think – Yes this is what I want to do then register with today.  Charity Careers Canada is a great new recruitment firm who help charities and non-profit organizations find great staff across Canada.

Look out for our next article – how to prepare yourself to take the leap into the non-profit sector. Lynn Stimpson, Development Manager, Charity Careers Canada

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