Our Full Recruitment Service

Charity Careers Canada are specialists in charitable search. We work exclusively for charities and non-profit organizations throughout Canada to help them find, recruit and retain great staff.


Unique positioning for Canadian charities

We understand that you need an affordable option to hiring new staff. That’s why we offer a fresh, highly competitive Canadian pricing model that’s very, very different. We don’t charge a single penny until we have successfully filled your vacancy. We guarantee that your appointed candidate will stay with you for at least a year, or we’ll replace them free of charge. There are no upfront costs. There are no additional charges. You don’t have to pay for any advertising – we pay for that. Just a simple flat fee based on the first year salary offered for each position.

About Us

Founded by senior executives Peter Blakely and Bruce Tait, we have extensive charitable experience having held senior positions in Canadian organizations as well as hiring, training, working with and mentoring staff at all levels.

Somewhere in the market, there is someone who wants to work with your organization more than you ever imagined. They’re passionate, they’re committed and working with your organization would be their dream job.

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