Size matters – the biggest non profit organizations in Canada


the biggest non profits organizations in Canada


If you are looking for a job with a non profit organization in Canada, you may be interested to know who the biggest ones are as its likely they’ll have more jobs that you can apply for.

Here is the list of Canada’s 10 largest non profits measured by donations. In total, Canadians donated over $1.5 billion to these 10 Canadian non profits – almost 10% of all of the money Canadians give to non profits each year. Canada’s largest 100 non profits receive approximately 33% of total Canadian giving so these charities would be a good place to start looking, if you want to join a non profit organization.

Remember though that the level of donations they receive doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the largest staff teams in Canada, but they may well have a job for you.

The Top Ten are:

  • World Vision Canada
  • Salvation Army
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Plan Canada
  • United Way Toronto & York Region
  • Sick Kids Foundation
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

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