the biggest non profits organizations in Canada


If you are looking for a job with a non profit organizationĀ in Canada, you may be interested to know who the biggest ones are as its likely theyā€™ll have more jobsĀ that you can apply for.

Here is the list of Canada’s 10 largest non profitsĀ measured by donations. In total, Canadians donated over $1.5 billion to these 10 CanadianĀ non profits – almost 10% of all of the money Canadians give to non profitsĀ each year. Canada’s largest 100 non profits receive approximately 33% of total Canadian giving so these charities would be a good place to start looking, if you want to join a non profit organization.

Remember though that the level of donations they receive doesnā€™t necessarily mean that they have the largest staff teams in Canada, but they may well have a jobĀ for you.

The Top Ten are:

  • World Vision Canada
  • Salvation Army
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Plan Canada
  • United Way Toronto & York Region
  • Sick Kids Foundation
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

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